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An Overview of the Sensory Learning Program...
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The Sensory LearningSM Program is a supra-modal approach to developmental learning that unites three modalities (auditory, visual and vestibular) into one 30-day drug-free intervention to improve perception, understanding, and the ability to learn.
Getting Started

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Preceding the intervention, a listening profile and visual field measuring photocurrent are taken. These 'perception maps' help provide baselines that are used to customize the Program for the individual child. These evaluations are done throughout the Program to track improvement in sensory regulation.

The Program

Girl On TableThe Sensory Learning Program is comprised of two 30-minute sessions each day for 12 consecutive days, including weekends and holidays. Each session is an individual sensory experience simultaneously engaging visual, auditory and vestibular systems to work in an integrated way. The repetitive sensory activation of each session builds on the session before.

After twelve days of sessions in the Sensory Learning Center International, the individual returns home with a portable light instrument to continue the program, with a 20-minute session each morning and evening for the next 18 days.

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Mom and Kid"Before the Sensory Learning Program, I was never able to hold Wally to comfort him. Now, I can hold him, stroke his back, touch his head, and he responds to me with hugs and kisses. After so many years of no embraces or displays of affection, I am so very grateful." --Jenny, AZ




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